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  1. Hello, to ensure a safe driving style I like to drive 110kph. But on wide, little frequented roads I would also drive the 150kph with the truck.
  2. Good morning,


    thank you for following me!

  3. I flash my lights to either greet or point out dangers to other players, such as traffic jams or accidents. But sometimes I also point out their mistakes or lags to others.
  4. Of course he has the right to drive there, there is not much left for him. He also has to reach his destination somehow and therefore he has to take the appropriate route. Of course he could have used a less frequented road, but that's up to him. Besides, you could overtake him without exceeding a maximum speed of 80 km/h, if he actually only drove 30 to 40 km/h.
  5. I can recommend the Logitech G29. It is compatible with many games and also has many buttons that you can assign. The price is up to 500 Euro/564,95 Dollar. But with a little luck, you can also get some good bargains. For example, I only paid 90 dollars.
  6. Okay, thanks for the information. The last time I got kicked for that but probably for other reasons.
  7. I often see Skoda cars that use the pilot paint scheme and often have orange signal lights. Normal players are not allowed to use this paint and the signal lights. So I ask myself the question when you are allowed to use them and have these drivers the same rank as those who are allowed to use the police paint? But that would surprise me, because many of these drivers often drive quite bad and sometimes ram other players.
  8. I'm glad to see that here. The screenshots look pretty good and could definitely replace the current Duisburg. I don't know if it is possible for TruckersMP to replace Duisburg as they did with the gas station near Duisburg. Otherwise you might have to wait for a re-skin of Duisburg, on the part of SCS. I hope that his ideas will be taken into account, because I think they are really worth seeing.
  9. I would be pretty happy to add TruckersMP AI traffic. Especially in places where you only meet few or no other players. So you might consider creating an own server for that, implementing it completely, or using Simulation 2 for example.
  10. I've had this problem before. I think the service is the only place to go.
  11. -More interior equipment like lamps, stickers etc -Larger selection of fanfares, additional lights and more -possibility to adapt more "little things" on the truck
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