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  1. Welcome to my profile, thank you very much for considering following me. The sea is deep, eternal friendship is eternal, unforgettable. :)) (see you on the way) DUDE




    The sea is deep, eternal friendship is eternal, unforgettable.




  2. Been a while!!
    Been busy prerunning the routes for my NHS Event later this year, but last night managed to get back out on the roads in promods. later that evening went to RLC Convoy with Tango Transport and as per usual the convoy was amazing. thanks for the great convoy @Pascal.


  3. Couple months ago I didn't believe we would be were we are, but we are coming towards the end of the requirements for our server with a couple months to spare, before we know it august will be apon us.



    1. raffaeloo


      Awesome! Can't wait!

  4. Tonight was convoy night at Valtox Logistics, hope everyone had fun. couldn't have been done without our superb event team which tonight was controlled and managed by @Declan2021







    1. [GökBörü] RedWolf [CZ]

      [GökBörü] RedWolf [CZ]

      Nice photos! 




    2. Replay__


      Nice photos peeps

  5. Thanks For Follow ❤️

  6. Late last night I departed for a 4000km trip across 7 countries, leaving Iraq late last night I have just crossed the bored into Croatia for the last 200km of the journey



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    2. DrunknFoxes


      @Scanva Diesel A/SJust finished it, was a bit worried I wasnt going to get to the end, as I switched off the engine I had 8km left in my tank


    3. Mangiskills
    4. raffaeloo


      That sounds like film worthy story! 😄

  7. Tonight was very exciting, we joined Rising Logistics in celebrating there one year anniversary, even though we didnt drive the whole convoy we enjyoed what we did drive 

    very big achievement congrats guys!



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    2. Dev1ce (G27)

      Dev1ce (G27)

      Looks great ❤️

    3. Replay__


      great pic, u missed the trucks that were beside u out 😛 but as I say great pic as always. 

    4. DrunknFoxes


      @Replay__next time mate 😉 

  8. Thank you for follow Drunknnnn 🥰💖


  9. Thanks for the Follow 

  10. Thanks for the follow ❤️

  11. 3 Days ago TMP7 Began at Silverstone raceway for the awesome festival. We then headed to the states to cross through three states before ending at a race track just south of Tucson Arizona. Last night we arrived back at the Silverstone complex to end possibly the best event ive ever attended on TruckersMP. This picture was taken last night with @Declan2021and @TFM_Flynnabout 30 minutes before departure




    1. Scanva Diesel A/S

      Scanva Diesel A/S

      That's Awesome! Because Foxes Photos! ♥️

  12. Thank You For the Follow :love:

  13. Yes completetly agree love the concept but feel a camera towards the rear of the trailer would be more benificial
  14. What an eventful evening at TMP7, helped out for the first few hours before spending the last hour or 2 messing around with @Raymond_ @Seddon
    Lovely photo I got with PCVTC, Once again Happy Birthday TruckersMP amazing accomplishment 7 years and to top it all of ATS Convoy tomorow followed by ETS2 the next day

    Happy Birthday TruckersMP #TMP7!



    1. Scanva Diesel A/S

      Scanva Diesel A/S

      Again Awesome Photo Again You Foxes! :kappa:♥️

    2. raffaeloo


      Stunning picture! It was incredible festival! 

    3. DrunknFoxes


      @raffaeloo Indeed it was, had fun catching up with VTCs and messing around with mates

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