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  1. I like modern trucks. I like them clean in the sense that it doesn't stand out that much from any other trucks
  2. Im usually on TMP everyday even if its just for a short drive
  3. Yes I am Currently in Valtox Logistics
  4. I currently reside in the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi. I would love to get back to the UK to see all my family. last time I was home was 2019. If I was to go on holiday anywhere else I would go back to Singapore, such a beautiful country
  5. I would love to have Rigids. I think it gives drivers more of a challange as there turning circle is alot sharper than an artic
  6. Yes I completely agree. VTCs use the car for different things. I know you guys @ Consec use them for your convoys some times.
  7. I like the idea and fully support the idea. I enjoy using the car for various things (exploring etc) but would love the ability to have the VTC paintjob on it as well as towing a car box trailer that could haul loads
  8. Those where the days that's for sure. I do miss the occasional l traffic Jam at Euro port as someone said above
  9. This is my Valtox Logistics Volvo FH at the end of my trip to Save The Children 2020. The trailer is a special livery designed by a very good friend of mines daughter who has Autism
  10. Not really got a favourite city. I enjoy heading north east into Black Sea DLC and also enjoy some of the road through italy
  11. Its good entertainment value. certain turns are a challenge to get two trucks around in one go
  12. It depends, if im just killing a bit of time I will do multiple multidrops (ie London - cardiff, Cardiff - aberdeen) etc Other than that I average 700 - 1000 miles a night easy
  13. Yeah I like this idea as well as yes the scout car is fun to drive and all but it would be nice to carry cargo in a smaller vehicle than a 54ft artic lorry
  14. Yeah I see where your coming from. I suppose Duisburg is one of those towns where you cant please everyone
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