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  1. Hello dear BluadwurstHorst welcome to forum! I watched your video, it was a good video, have a nice day too
  2. Hello dear -Elvis- welcome to forum! If you buy DLC maps and browse them, you will see a very nice and different environment.
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      yaşlandık artık isimleri karıştırıyoruz :kappa:

    4. Where a Legion

      Where a Legion

      Çay iç abi kendine gelirsin xD

  4. Merhaba sayın @Hierujac foruma Hoş geldiniz, bildiğim kadar ile öyle bir şey maalesef yoktur.
  5. Takibin için  teşekkürler 😘

  6. Hello dear @ReeK0807 [ ROMANIA ] welcome to forum! They said in the rules already If you read, you will see and you can find out by searching on youtube or google Have a nice day. §3 - Save Editing Causing extreme lag or game crashes by save editing is not permitted. Extreme lag will not occur from duplicate parts unless the amount is truly excessive. If you save edit to create a very long trailer combination but cannot safely handle it, you are liable to be banned for reckless driving / blocking and recommended to remove the particular mod. If the Game Management thinks that your modification is not fit for our servers or negatively impact other people, you are liable to be banned until the modification has been removed.
  7. Thank you for follow! 💐

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