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  1. Hello, welcome to TruckersMP, I hope you have a good time and have fun don't be afraid to ask if problems occur, you can ask me questions on Discord All Knows#0006 good luck
  2. Anti-cheat system has improved a lot, I know that when someone cheats, they get banned automatically
  3. Perfect work, Thousands of kilometers are not very easy patience and this is a simulation game
  4. Merhabalar, 1.37 geldiğinden beri maalesef korna bug'a girmiştir, etrafta 5 oyuncudan fazla olunca korna ötmüyor 1.38 geldiğin de ise kalabalık olan yerlerde radyo da buga girebiliyor umarım düzelir bu sorun.
  5. Thanks for the information When will Turkish support be released?
  6. Hey, you have a discord?

  7. Happy birthday! 🎂

    1. Soryn Official

      Soryn Official

      Thank you very much ❤️

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