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  1. All of the above mentioned Iceland is becoming ever popular on Promods lately as well.
  2. As in Ferry do you mean? If you mean Ferry I would Stranraer up in Scotland
  3. Not sure if this can be added to this or not but in regards to lag I've came across something that really helped me and a couple of others. If you switch Steam to Oflline Mode MP will still work without a problem only with a Steam Offline message in the bottom right hand screen. It's not a complete lag fix and you possibly will still get lag but if like me you don't have a super powerful computer this can be a real game changer.
  4. Not for me it would be carnage As somebody already said to many trolls out there who would spoil it. Until there is a easy way to get rid of them it's a no for me.
  5. It may come to that, I'm trying to keep the realism up as much as I can and I get the fine isn't massive but it's annoying that by the laws of the road I'm actually not breaking them. May have to take it to the courts and appeal
  6. Anybody else have this problem. I drive through they are green but turning to amber as I'm driving through, I carry on naturally as you would and get a fine for red light jumping. Really? I'm meant to stop half way through the system? It's come to the point now where I stop even if they are green and wait for them to change to red then green again to avoid a fine.
  7. I drive solo but it's because I don't have the hours for a VTC yet, I do plan on joining one eventually though as it can get boring on your own from time to time and it's good to have a change.
  8. I went looking for the Calais to Duisburg road on Google Maps and checked the live traffic. That was enough for me to know I play to much.
  9. I use a wired Xbox controller. Easy enough to use once you setup the dead zone and other settings.
  10. Thanks will try them. Just tried Ezvid but the lag was way to much so will try these
  11. Thanks Callum, Yeah I'm looking into recording software now as I've come across so many in a short space of time. Its beneficial to everybody to get rid of these people. I've played a full 3-4 hours this morning with zero incidents completing over 10 jobs so I'm guessing there is a peak time when these sort of people appear or something. Your all doing a great job though I'm 100% hooked and loving this game. Certainly more positives than negatives and I refuse to let these people spoil it for the rest
  12. I wasnt sure if it was or not be honest. I know there is roleplay now and again so just assumed that's what he was up to. Then he hit me so yeah next time I'll screenshot.
  13. Thanks Mighty I get that and by no means do I blame the moderators or anybody like that, I completely get how hard the job must be with this sort of thing. Just highly frustrating as I'm sure your aware, I played for 5 hours straight last night and was rammed 3 times, first was a genuine mistake and he apologised, second a guy in a car was trying to be the police and blocking roads asking people for documents, strange but each to there own and the third I was on a 10k run from Denmark to Sweden (Not a major run to most but I'm trying to earn to buy a truck so a lot to me at the moment) he blatantly drove from his side of the motorway and head on into me then logged straight off. Again its nobodys fault other than the individuals who really need to go play GTA or something.
  14. That people are going to purposely hit you, ram you, try to wreck you? It's been almost a week of playing most of my hours on this game completely online. I've come across a lot of really decent drivers who I've had some fun with while traveling but for the most part I've been pretty much keeping to myself and trying to do my own thing. Then there is the other side of this game, the people who are just out to get you and ram you and ruin your game and I must say I've came across more of these than I expected for a simulation game. I understand the report system and getting these players reported but its not easy to do as I dont record my gameplay so proof would be my major issue if I reported, so is it just something that we must tolerate and accept or is there another way we can police this? From my brief experience these people reporting them doesn't scare them in fact one even told me to report him. It really takes the fun out of it when your trying to play the game as it should be played then somebody cuts across a central reservation just to ruin your load.
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