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  1. Good morning TruckersMP, have a nice day & a nice week! 😍🌄spacer.png

    1. TNT-LOG /  005 F-E-R-A

      TNT-LOG / 005 F-E-R-A

      Wow. Great Scenery.  ❤️

    2. TNT-LOG / SaηtoS Ω

      TNT-LOG / SaηtoS Ω

      Thank you, really is a great scenery. Every day Scandinavia surprises me more and more

    3. .Pedro.


      Nice Photo!

  2. Hey TruckersMP, a good evening and a good trip. See you on the road ❤️


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TNT-LOG / SaηtoS Ω

      TNT-LOG / SaηtoS Ω

      @ALLIANCE Jean M. 

      This promods region is sensational


    3. MarkON


      Thanks. I will certainly go there.

    4. .Pedro.


      Nice Photo!

  3. Hey TruckersMP, have a good afternoon and a good trip!


  4. 6 years of great stories and many emotions! ❤️  @TNT-LOG Correia 001 & @ALLIANCE Jean M.

    1. ALLIANCE Jean M.

      ALLIANCE Jean M.

      Soon there will be 7y of great history for both VTCs! :D 

      Nesse dia algum carioca roubou os emblemas das minhas DAFs Gilletes.

    2. .Pedro.


      Nice Photo!

  5. Have a good sunday o/

  6. Hey Truckers, welcome to my feed o/, have a nice day and a safe drive.

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