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  1. PraZubrPL


    Hello, with nice desire but according to the rules about §4.2 I can't.
  2. PraZubrPL


    Thank You for Your Help
  3. PraZubrPL


    What roles in the game have the most to say and are the highest...??? Who is the boss of TruckersMP?!
  4. @Drexyy You have right that help me. Now i know what to do THANKS
  5. [email protected]^ What do i have to do to get this game moderator???? One year without ban and something more or just that??
  6. Hello, someone knows when is Game Moderator Recruitment?
  7. how can i apply for gamemoderator ? can someone help me ????


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    2. PraZubrPL


      I send messages on forum TMP also and iwant make this game more enjoyable but when i see another players who dont respect the rules I lose the desire to play this game, thats why i want change this.


    3. PraZubrPL


      But if i'am not reaady for that okej. I will not bother you.


    4. slushbro


      Hey @PraZubrPL,


      As @Polyxena [GER] already said, you need to be registered for at least 12 months. Before we can hire you, we need to ensure that you are familiar with the project and the community. Learning all the different parts and functions of this mod and community is not possible in such a short period.

      We also want to ensure that you have a long time motivation since the training will take you weeks before you can even deal with your first report.



      take a look into this post


  8. I have Scania S very gooood truck for me and this tunning pack. ^.^
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