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  1. Hello we are pleased to announce today that our next event will take place on October 24, 2020. Our next event will be in support of the League Against Cancer. We will be delighted to see as many of you as we did at our first event. You can already book your space for the Truckfest and validate your participation on the Trucky Events website: https://trucky.events/event/detail/luttons-tous-ensemble-contre-le-cancer || Please sign up by clicking the link below to help us host this event on a dedicated server! || Event rules: 1. Roads may be blocked by event staff. 2. Event staff members only can overtake the convoy. 3. Event staff only may drive the wrong way. 4. Free-roaming in the server is not allowed. 5. Only event staff are allowed out of bounds. Server: CCOT 2020 Date: 24/10/2020 ROUTE 1 Departure: 11:00 (UTC +2) Departure location: Roscoff, Port Destination: Montpellier ROUTE 2 Departure: 16:00 (UTC +2) Departure location: Montpellier Destination: Luxembourg, LKW ROUTE 3 Departure: 21:00 (UTC + 2) Departure location: Luxembourg, LKW Destination: Roscoff, Port TRUCKFEST 09:00-10:00 Event Discord: https://discord.gg/wjQJuwW / https://discord.com/invite/pXQ3FyG Trucky Events website: https://trucky.events/event/detail/luttons-tous-ensemble-contre-le-cancer
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