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  1. yea but it must be gathering ID information on main server/database for every vehicule you encounter x 2400 players, so thoses must be pretty busy I/O files.
  2. Interresting, could be it edit : Yep this fixed it, Many thanks! Mark as [Solved]
  3. Same (ETS2mp and ATSmp), Last time it generated, it was on 12/08/16. Tried to validate steam file, didnt worked out. It's probably related to wich release on august 14th. ->Temporary solution in-game : command PINFO 1234 (Player number) will give their truckersmp number
  4. Thanks for the update! I'm getting stutter and a ping of +35-50 ms than previous build tho :/ Asked a few ppl in convoy with me, they had ping increase and stutter too. edit : On Eu2
  5. Straight to the point, like it.
  6. Helps us help you. 1- When does it crash 2- have you tried to "Verify Game integrity" in steam 3- have you tried to uninstall and reinstall last update of mp with ets and ats selected 4- have you tried a new profile 5- could it be hardware failure like memory undervoltage or system instability 6- did you check your drivers are up to date (and directX) 7- Are you runnin 64 bit or 32 OS and game 8- do you have crash log???
  7. A buddy of mine had the same problem, clean driver, no ban. He said he reinstalled game and mp , tried ATSMP eu, ETS2MP eu... Nothing worked. In the end this or something else did the trick : New profile (weird).
  8. (Sorry for my bad english) Rotterdam : I Love the action there, very lively. The Docks should be upgraded since its the largest port in Europe (wikipedia said so). The layout should be reworked also the background design imho. I dislike : Lag, of course ; Troller ; Amateur Driver. On a suggestive note, if this ever can reach Scs Devs, If (and can apply to many cities) Highways and access to highway could be reworked with under/over passes (Versus T-Intersection) + Push the highway away from city on the bare limit of service Station and garage, it would greatly helps people inside the city and on the highway on lag. I guess you know that already but im just saying. Suggestion : Really out of the blue suggestion, I don't even know if its doable, or what would community think of it... Ets2mp is a forever alpha following Ets2 track. All good here (ty devs btw). (Im level 63 btw), but release a new Patch : Need to make a new profile. BAM everyone restart from lvl 0. No Single player profile, only Mp. Meh its part of the fun to work ur ass off imho. lvl 0-3 Local delivery only (Ports city and capitals city disallowed (blocked access), Speed limiter 50 city / 80 highway / Hp under 450) lvl 4-8 Short intercity (Ports city and capitals disallowed) Speed 60 city / 90 highway / Hp under 550 lvl 8-15 Medium-Long intercity (Capital city + Docks unlocked) (this is the touchy part) Speed 60 city / 110 highway / Hp 750 Every Accident implying another player : u loose XP = Damage caused (in % X factor faulty driver x Amount of player hit (link of people touching each other within Y sec) (i.e. 3sec) amount of time (Daisy chain accident) and +$ penalty of course. Sounds complicated, but its just to illustrate that if you cause someone to accident by ramming, multiply by amount of people in the resulting collision : U Loose xp. ALOT of XP, Learn to drive. Also, if doable, Rework engine requirement, its too easy to get that 750 hp you don't see a lot of 750 irl. Would reduce the amount of people at 110 kmh + add more weights physics on trailer so we feel the Groaning! Rwaarrrr 24t ! I know its sounds a bit weird, like i said it's just like that an example out of the blue. BUT : It would take *cough* Unskilled (on purpose or not) Drivers AWAY from Major cities where most of traffic converge. One Very Last things : Add Color Tag (like for admins) But Makes Admin Flashing Rainbow (ie) and People that got banned / bad rep (once yellow, twice orange, 3 Red), it will Warn people of bad behavioral ppl to keep a look on... So Thats it, its open for discussion, I'm sorry i realized while doing it this it could go under suggestion tread, but, Eh We speak about Rottedam or not? We need to Unclog it (lag) and to remove Troller (noob/rammer). So... Coooonnvooy!
  9. Le_T3k


    +1 me too... i was wondering why my truck sounded so weird ----) My convoy driving partner was always at max RPM XD Also not 100% sure here, but i had some map spot that generated like an idle truck sound when passing em, like passing an invisible truck. Main Game in Opt out of Beta (tried with 1.18.3 too), etsmp 1.18.100
  10. ets2mp crash log (all of it) Very last crash is a random crash near amsterdam (line 960) the one before it was the radio shortcut im talking about. (line 871) http://pastebin.com/G7J9eUZG
  11. Mod Version: Version 0.1.4r3 Controllers Used: Mouse + Keyboard Description of Issue: I'm 100% percent sure now, it happened like 5-6 times in the past. Sometimes, not all the times, i switch radio station, back and fort, sometime fast, sometime not... u know browsing and driving. But when (again sometimes) i switch back to previous radio station using a bind key ( [ ), Bam instant crash / Fatal error. How to reproduce: Swith back and forth radio station. not all the times. Screenshots / Videos: None. win8.1 x64 ty
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