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  1. Hi, thank you for your good suggestion to check the drivers. We already tried to reinstall the GPU, chipset ant network drivers, but this also didn't work. Next we will try to install an older GPU driver. Maybe the current one has a bug. Kind Regards, Leon
  2. Hey Beenz, unfortunally the problem has not been solvet yet. So far we additionally tried: - Checking the network capacity - Connection test to the EU SIM 1 Server (Ping, Jitter) - Checking the Windows Defender Firewall / AV and Router Firewall for blocked packages All network test showed no problems and a stable connection with no packatloss to the gameserver. Kind Regards, Leon
  3. Hey Ashlyn, thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately the Windows truobleshooter does not find any problems with the internet connection. Kind regards, Leon
  4. Hey TruckersMP Community, I am trying to help a friend out. He gets kicked from the MP-Server a few seconds after connecting with the error message "Ureliable connection". We already tried the following: - Restarting the router and the computer - Changing the DNS settings to Google DNS - Resetting the winsock catalog - Flushing the DNS-Chache - Checking the AV / Firewall rules - Running the launcher as administrator His ping to the gameserver is about 30ms. Thank you in advance, Leon
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