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    Like to play Jedi survival European truck simulation I like listening to music and entertaining on TMP
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  1. Welcome back  Soul Knight 😉

  2. Thanks for the follow

    1. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

      Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

      You're welcome. Congratulations on becoming a TMP employee

  3. Grow up a year old, wish yourself a happy birthday, wish the future life can be more lucky, wish all the people I love well.🥰

  4. Competition on arcade server I'm sorry I didn't get the first place😭


    1. [Demir] 'Denizlili.

      [Demir] 'Denizlili.

      Nice, Looks like fun

    2. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

      Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

      @ [Demir]'Denizlili。Thank you. I hope to invite you to the next competition

  5. I am a very fond of simulation game player, and I watched the video in friends recommendation and game player recommendation, and soon attracted and joined TMP.
  6. Waiting is a vexing thing. It happened at the intersection of Calais a few days ago. The perpetrators blocked the road with containers for half an hour
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