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  1. keithh

    Fatal error

    Hi @[Интегра] ResTed What do you mean with "telemetry of the game"? I dont think that I installed any programs. The path looks like that, if i open the folder with my game. But if i go to that folder and i open "bin" i can choose between "win_x64" and "win_x86. In the "win_x64" are no other files. I hope this can be solved Regards Keithh
  2. keithh

    Fatal error

    Hi @Owen. I verified my game files twice and there are no faults. I tried to add "-homedir C:\Users\Michael\Documents\ETS2MP" on the end of "C:\Program Files\TruckersMP\launcher_ets2mp.exe" in the shortcut tab but it doesnt recognize it (I changed "Micheal" with my name of the pc). Regards Keithh
  3. keithh

    Fatal error

    Hi @Dominik [SK] I have all the latest versions and verified my game files with no problems. I even installed CCleaner pro and removed the temporary files. I did the sfc/scannow again but I still get the "Fatal error" code. Regards Keithh
  4. keithh

    Fatal error

    Hi When I am playing ETS2MP and press esc (to go to the menu) or enter (to go to the garage) the game crashed. I have this a long time now and get the code "Fatal error". Can anyone help me plz? I have already reinstalled ETS2 and ETS2MP but i still get "Fatal error". Also i have tried to launch ETS2 with OpenGL and DirectX11 (64- bit) but still nothing. Then i tried to run ETS2MP as administrator but i still get the error. I even removed my DLC's. I have also ran the command (sfc/scannow) as an administrator (cmd), then ran a single game in DirectX11 (64- bit), drove a short distance, exit the game and start MP but error code still come back. I added the file with the "Fatal error". Thank you in advance Keithh
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