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  1. Zgodzę się z tym że gra 2 lata temu działała kompletnie inaczej, ale to było 2 lata temu. Ja widzę tutaj tylko jedno wyjście - trzeba zejść z ustawień graficznych, lub chociaż z samego skalowania...
  2. It seems to me that in the city of Graz you can drive on one of the best roads in the whole game (at least on the basic version of the game). It leads along a gravel road through the forest, straight to the company "eAcres". And as for the most crowded cities, it seems to me that certainly Frankfurt am Main, Berlin and Szczecin.
  3. Happy Birthday 🥳 | Wszystkiego Najlepszego 🥳

  4. I don't think it's "outrageous." Since the mechanics of the game allow you to achieve a higher speed (we are talking about Simulation 1 (110 km / h)) so players have the right to achieve it. It is important that the driver's skills should be matched to the speed, if it's not like that, such a person poses a real danger to others, and in extreme cases should be banned. (Collisions, ramming, etc.)
  5. Romania is amazing. I choose it because of the difficult roads that require skill from the driver.
  6. This condition is influenced by many factors. However, recently I noticed quite a large intensity of players on the server. It all depends on what hours you play. We should also keep in mind that most people spend December with their families because of the holidays.
  7. I enjoy driving at Romania. There are a lot of "specific" roads that require skills from the driver
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