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  1. bruuh Anthony  welcome back to teaam ❤️ nice to see you here bruuh xD 

  2. + New Name 👀

    1. A n t h o n y

      A n t h o n y

      Haha yeah, felt like I needed to change it :kappa:


  3. Welcome back to the team.👍

  4. welcome back nub

    1. A n t h o n y

      A n t h o n y

      Thank you! 💜 Nub

  5. Welcome back legend! :HaulieLove:

    1. A n t h o n y

      A n t h o n y

      Thanks bigman ❤️ Much love x

  6. Congrats admeeeeen ❤️

    1. A n t h o n y

      A n t h o n y

      Ello darlin' x 

      Thanks for the love ❤️

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