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  1. RIP my Shriek.  You will be missed, buddy.

  2. @TR06ANKA58 Generally during off hours there will be around 250-300 players online, still enough to see someone every couple minutes. During the prime hours (around 4-8 pm roughly) it's common to see 800 or more players online at a time, and it gets even higher whenever a new DLC releases.
  3. @TR06ANKA58 It's currently exceeded 500 players and was close to 1,000 last night. There are plenty of people that play it and even with the map size you'll commonly encounter someone every couple minutes even during the off hours. If more players were willing to play it regardless of the playercount, every road could be as busy as C-D.
  4. Remember kids; just say "No!" to VTCs. It's a gateway drug, first you're trucking in a group, than your selling your firstborn child to RNGesus before embarking on raids.
  5. I drove for CNTL driving a Volvo VNL for a bit, before driving for OCTS in a Mack Anthem. Now I drive a Bombcart at a port making far more than I ever did with those companies, plus I get to be home with my wife and kids at the end of the day.
  6. The only time I'll flash my high beams is to signal I'm yielding for another driver. For example: if I'm in a truck at a red light and there's a Skoda in the oncoming lane signalling to turn left, I would give a quick flash of my highbeams when the light goes green to indicate he could turn first.
  7. Who needs a wheel, that's kids play; real men use a Trackball.
  8. @ScaniaFan89 Oh I know, I've used them in Single player, I should have clarified that it would be fun using it in a new location with friends.
  9. @ScaniaFan89 - You don't even need a drag truck, even just a truck used for heavy hauls can take off if the driver knows how to shift. This is probably one of the best youtube videos I've seen from the Trucksim subreddit. If I coul have ATS vehicles in ETS2, which I would absolutely love, it would have to be the Volvo VNL or Mack Anthem since those are what I've driven. Dear TMP devs, please allow us to use ATS vehicles on the ETS2 arcade server. That way those that can't drive won't hurt anyone and those of us that can drive can have fun using our favourite vehicles in a new location with friends.
  10. @Granite - I tend to open multiple tabs of forum posts and didn't notice this one was from the ETS2 section, thanks for pointing that out. Thanks for the info on the LPDs and European regulations, it's given me something to look up while I'm sitting here bored.
  11. Skoda's troll more so they need a higher speed limit, that's your logic. You can claim realism if ou want but if we want to be realistic we should get rid of the cars entirely since this is a Truck Simulator using a mod called TruckersMP, no SkodasMP. Not to mention if a car can't properly overtake another vehicle, that's their own problem, nothing's stopping trucks limited to the same speed from overtaking. Either you do because it's safe and you're capable of completing the manuever without risk to anyone, or you DON'T. End of story. That's not an issue related to cars or speed limits, that's an issue related to bad drivers. And they do take responsibility, they receive bans and punishments for their crappy driving. You want to talk reality and simulation, do the speed limit and stop speeding. Even if you'e overtaking a vehicle on the highway a cop can still give you a ticket for going above te speed limit. There's a reason most places don't go driving as fast as they can like it's a race track. TMP should put the speed limiter at whatever the highway truck speed limits are set at.
  12. Depends on where you're from. In North America trailers aren't required to have sideskirts though many do due to the savings for a company in fuel reduction. And while a sideskirt can help a little to prevent people or things from getting underneath the trailer, if that truck is making any kind of a turn its trailer will cut in and run over whatever's there.
  13. If you want more Asian paint jobs go ask SCS since it's their game.
  14. Even with a full car length that'd be considered cutting off the vehicle and is illegal, or at least it is where I'm from. Even if you're not hitting the other vehicle though, just cutting in like that is still a dick move, especially since you've removed any safe stopping distance that truck had if something suddenly happens.
  15. I wonder if this is different for those of us that are truckers in real life. I tend to bring my actual driving habits into the game rather than bringing the game into the world.
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