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  1. Playing other games since ATS and ETS aren't the only things I own. I've never understood the people that only have one game they play.
  2. If your argument for increasing the speed limit is posting a video of a trucker being a dumbass and breaking the law (and endangering the lives of others) than I think it says a lot about you. Most of you people that think trucks routinely go fast or speed have obviously never spent any actual time in one.
  3. The vast amount of children that use this mod compared to adults. Oh wait you said, what do I like.... Playing ATS since the ATS players have a vastly differing mentallity compared to the ETS2 players.
  4. I'll stop at all red lights and stop signs regardless of nearby players. If I wanted to race around I'd go play Forza or Grand Theft Auto.
  5. That's how you create an echo chamber, don't make a post open for discussion if you aren't willing to hear disagreeing points of view. Besides, how can I "respect your ideas" when you can't seem to show the same respect to TMP. You could easily respect their idea of enforcing speed limits and you could just simply not write and complain about it, but here we are. I respect ideas fully when they can present some valid logic for their arguments. You want to speed and you want to crash, so why not make a post asking for collisions to be enabled on the arcade server? Instead you're here trying to get them to change the rules of the simulation server because you don't like not being able to speed. Let's also head off the most common response that I hear "If you do that than the sim server will be empty" - So? Most of the sim players would be more than happy to lose the speeding & reckless drivers from the roads (hell, most of us drove on an empty EU1 server). However changing the sim server to allow more speeding & reckless drivers will just ruin the simulation server and make it even harder for those of us that enjoy playing a sim to continue doing so without encountering dangerous drivers. Now, Google Translate aside, can we try and present some decent arguments and reasons for why we need the Sim server speed limit increased or are we just going to continue parroting the same couple points like an indignant toddler that's not getting his way? I'll respond in order: The server and community is still full of players, TMP hasn't had a massive player drop like people keep trying to claim. That is a perfectly valid solution and it's one that happens constantly everywhere in the world. Why do you think rules exist or are created? It's not cause someone is bored and trying to be a dick to everyone else, it's cause a large number of people have made it a requirement. Do you think speed limits exist on public roads just to be an inconvenience or do they exist to restrict things because some people/drivers don't know how to behave? Once again, nothing really changes even if you increased the speed limit. You'd still be driving on an empty road with no one around.
  6. So that's the real issue than, isn't it? It's not about speed it's about being able to cause big crashes and accidents. You also seem to be forgetting that the servers used to hold 2,500 people not the 4,500 they currently do. Putting that aside though, the owners of TMP can have it however they want. It honestly doesn't matter if the vast majority of players are children that want to race & crash, it's their service they are providing you. If you don't like it than you can either play single player (fat chance), find another multiplayer mod (good luck), or you can make one yourself (we all know you won't). So if you continue to play, learn to accept the rules of the game and how to happily abide by them, because if you're always unhappy that things aren't your way than life will be very unhappy for you.
  7. Yet that's something you speeding drivers have been doing to the sim players for years. Any time a post was made in the past complaining about a speeding user the response from you kids was "Well go play Single Player" or "Go to EU1". Well guess what, now the situation is reversed. Want to speed? Go play single player or the arcade server. We understand plenty, you seem to be missing the point. It doesn't matter if you increase the limit elsewhere, it will just cause the C-D players to migrate and we'll be back where we started with speeding kids crashing everywhere. Just because you (think you can) drive well doesn't mean you actually can or that everyone can. Not to mention the various tech/hardware issues that make higher speeds unreliable: more work for the server to track and properly update player positions, players using reduced draw distance settings would have less reaction time for a speeding vehicle, etc.
  8. Work, spend time with the family, mod games or programs, game.
  9. (I can't seem to find your name with the @ method) I don't think that would really solve any issue though. While C-D road is the popular hotspot it's not been the only one, Bergen to Oslo comes to mind. If we allowed higher speed limits on other areas of the maps most drivers would probably just migrate to one set road where they can speed and drive recklessly. If TMP could find a way to tie the speed limiter in with the nearby players list that could possibly work, than any area that has more than a couple trucks wouldn't become a death zone, but I'm assuming that's far to difficult to code or program in.
  10. Than use the arcade server. Why do the sim players need to be punished with reckless speeding drivers? It's been said many times by many different people but the issue here isn't actually speed, it's collisions. You players don't want to speed and drive recklessly if you can't have big, glitchy accidents; otherwise that arcade server would be filled and the sim server would be like EU1 was.
  11. Dear Santa, I want a dragon for Christmas and it better breathe glitter!
  12. I kind of wish SCS would just hire Grimes and implement seasons into the main game.
  13. Perhaps we should work on making our post more coherent and easier to understand in English before telling someone to "Read well". Your main post reads like my 4 year old niece when she rambles off a story (or Donald Trump). So what is it you want than? If your post is about vehicle control, than why are you advocating increasing the limit? Go spend time on C-D road or even just in the Germany area and you'll see lots of people that are restricted to 110 kph that can't control their vehicle. All these individual posts talking about increasing the limit or getting rid of it fails to account for every other player on the server. Sure, you might be one of the lucky 1% that's capable of driving your truck safely, but that doesn't mean everyone else can.
  14. TMP should just add a big flashing banner to the main page that states "Updates will be done when they're done", but we all know that wouldn't stop the daily posts asking about it.
  15. So? It's their mod, they're allowed to be in control of what happens on it. If you don't like it than don't play the mod and go play a different game or single player.
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