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  1. In 2014/15, my favourite part about TruckersMP (ETS2MP) was the Europoort area, especially when it came to being an Admin/Moderator and streaming this work. Here is my all time favourite time in that regard: My favourite part about TruckersMP was the friendships that were made throughout my time here, through having been staff as well as the streamers who streamed the game.
  2. There is a large amount of issues currently with Twitch clips and DMCA takedowns because of matched music within the clips, so if you do use copyright music, I highly recommend turning the ability for clips to be made off too as you will get hit with takedowns eventually leading to a possible ban. Unfortunately twitch is having to take more action on these now than ever before. Certainly expect your VOD to be muted too.
  3. The Alps was always my favourite place to drive back in the day.
  4. My fav used to be Volvo, but when the next gen Scania came out, that became my fav. I guess because it felt newer.
  5. Generally, you won't get an answer on when a specific recruitment set will open. Game Moderation is a large team and also receives a large amount of applications that need processing. As players don't know what's happening in the background, it's possible past applications are still being processed or even there could already be a list of members waiting to join on the waiting list. Usually recruitments won't be opened until most of those have been processed and then a need is seen. As for requirements, those will change from time to time, but you can view the past recruitment requ
  6. Just like @Sgt Salt I found out about the modification while it was in development and it was in beta testing. There had been a few videos showing a working multiplayer by Vodka, Rootkiller, MWL and a few others who were Beta testing at the time. Launch of the modification was scheduled for 1st May 2014, although in the end it was released a few hours early on the 30th April I became a staff member in 2015 as a Support member and then eventually a forum mod. I remained in the team in various positions, including Community Manager and Game Manager for 3 and a half years. Nee
  7. Hello, good to see everyone 👀

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      The legend is back :D 

    2. DJ ccowie

      DJ ccowie

      Welcome back. 😛

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