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  1. Happy birthday 🎂 

  2. Congrats adammmmmm

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      Congrats! ? 

  3. Well done Mellowwwwwww oui oui baguette

    1. Mellow


      Thanks Charlie! Oui-oui baguette 804391262362402856.png

  4. CT04

    Lets gooooo foxyyyyyy

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      Ayy Thank You Charliee :HaulieLove:

  5. Congrats bud

  6. Think this is a very good change to be made and will be interesting to see how it works out!
  7. A picture from a whileback now ❤️ @FM04



  8. The topic is being kept polite and we are having a debate ?
  9. They wouldn’t of matured though because they now know they can get away with a light 90 day ban. And tmp just care about money as I stated before
  10. As I said before I think people who had a permanent ban had there chance and they messed it up so it’s on then. Just because tmp is dropping numbers due to scs multiplayer doesn’t mean those people should be allowed back into a community where people have followed the rules for many years. but hey ho to tmp it’s all about money they don’t really care.
  11. But surely since they have already disrespected the rules 5 times they are going to do it again. As mentioned before in one of my other posts, if I go kill 5 people get locked up for 90 days what’s stopping me going and killing 5 more just to get another 90 days ? This game is meant to be realistic and that’s how I’m putting things into a realistic perspective.
  12. I beleive that honest mistakes happen once or twice not 5 times in the space of a year, people who have made 'honest mistakes' will have learnt and would not repeatedly offend and break the rules. Therefore people who do not want to follow these rules will just carry on to offend will now just abuse this system of a 90 day ban. I think the permanent ban should be kept because you are just letting offenders back in to the community of people who have followed rules for many years and for those who want to enjoy the game. Taking this into irl purposes which is what the game wants to follow as closley as possible this is like somebody getting locked up for breaking the law and then in a few weeks them getting released but if they do it again they get locked up for 90 days.
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