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  1. I probably should give it a go, but I don't think the sound works good in game as real life?
  2. After some more game time, it seems that you can also shift between 10, and 15.
  3. I'm using an 18 speed manual, with the cat engine. Just going by my time from the game, it seems on flat ground, you have to at least bring the RPMs up to 2000, before allowing it to fall to float up a gear. So, L6 to L7. I'm not sure about going from L to H, or to H to L. On another note, in real life, does the turbo sound actually die out a lot during high RPMs?
  4. So in my own experience, it seems like I'm missing the gears less if I bring the RPMs up to around 2,500, with the turbo no longer whistling, and then let the RPMS fall to 1,500 to shift. I'm missing the gears a lot more if I only bring the RPMs to 2,000, instead of 2,500. For anyone familiar with real life trucks, is bringing the RPMs to 2,500 too high? Will the turbo actually stop whistling at around 2,500?
  5. All of my inquiries are covered. This can be located to solved.
  6. Alright, from what I can tell, it seems when I type 'uset' before typing rest of the command in, it works. However, every time I boot up a game, do I have to type the code in, or does the game save it?
  7. It does require the 0 at the end too correct? I'll try responding today with an answer. I need to try out it in order to confirm if it's solved yet or not.
  8. I may've figured out the issue now. When I type it in, it says unknown command in red text; however, when I use other commands, like weather ones, that red text doesn't pop up. It seems as if it's not accepting the synchronized command. Do you know why?
  9. What's the difference between the two? I know on advanced mode, without the command entered, I can't simply shift when I want to, without gear grind.
  10. Thanks for the move. Wasn't sure where I needed to post it at.
  11. I'm nearly certain I owned all of them at one point. I don't think I hired all the drivers, though.
  12. To my comprehension, it makes the transmission non-scynchronized, but I believe I've read somewhere that advanced mode currently does the same thing for you, as typing in that command does. Can anyone confirm if this is the case or not?
  13. Such a simple fix. Much thanks for the aid.
  14. Currently I have, but I require to play TruckersMP. I looked in my proprieties and Beta for versions, but my game doesn't have anywhere listed. I'm guessing I'll have to actually download it somewhere.
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