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  1. The expected version of MP is newer than the version I have? Is newer than
  2. Thanks guys. I must say I was surprised. I'm used to driving my scout at 260km/h xD. Understand this change though. Maybe on the stats page and in-game change it from saying unlimited to - 150km/h, to make it clear and obvious for everyone?
  3. I'm sure this question has been answered many times, so sorry in advanced. But, I've just come back to TruckersMP after a year or so and noticed that even on the 'no speed-limiter' servers of ETS2 and ATS, there seems to be a hard speed cap of 150km/h or 100mph. If this is the case, shouldn't this be changed to reflect the actual situation? Or, is it possible to disable it somehow? * shows that the server is "speedlimiter: disabled" Thanks, Lachlan
  4. Thanks! Happy holiday trucking everyone.
  5. Mod Version: Controllers Used: Mouse & keyboard Description of Issue: Today, all of the times I've attempted to connect to the US Server, SA server, and Asian server - I have waited for minutes, and I've still not been connected to any of the servers. It tells me "Connecting to United States #1" - no further messages are shown, and I cannot chat / use TAB, this happens for all three of the servers. I attempted to connect to the EU #1 & EU#2 - connected in about 2 seconds. I'm from Australia, FYI. I've noticed that the player count has stayed exactly the same for about 8 hours - odd right? How to reproduce: Attempt to login to either US, SA, Or Asian server. Screenshots / Videos: Check out: http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?app=ets2mp&module=game&section=servers http://www.twitch.tv/kat_pw Or just launch up your game - & if you watch the SA, US, and Asia servers, the player count remains exactly the same.
  6. I find it most amusing at the controversy caused by all of these update changes. Personally, I am happy, either way that the Multiplayer version is setup. I am truly happy to just be able to truck with my friends. Good job to all of the developers who are working very hard on this project - and good luck to the future of this amazing project. Remember guys, they are doing this for free. Kind Regards, Lachlan
  7. Sadly, it is - apparently people cannot be trusted...
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