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  • Birthday 12/04/2001

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    1.playing the simulations games.
    2.good communications
    3.make to some musics
    4.playing instruments
    5.have a great time on outside
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    Italy: Milano
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    Turkish, İtalian, English

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About Me

My name is Derin. I'm 19 years old. I was born in Turkey/İstanbul in 04/12/2001  I'm living in İtaly for three years form Genoa. my highschool is here. I'm going to fine art school my departmen is music 

and I am very good in my department. I'm playing the piano??, trumpet ? and guitar ?  my life is music. my interest are playing the simulations games for example this game I like so much and I've a great communications in this game I'm already know very well three languages there are first my mother language is (Turkish) second (english) and (İtalian) I can understand these 3 languages very well.

My hobbies are

1.make sports


3.have a great time on the outside with my friend

4.playing the games

5.make some great pictures

6.make good contacts

so in short, that's me! 

Feel free to browse my forum profile.... ❤️ ? 

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