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  3. looking forward to the new cars/vans
  4. Hello. @GoingDutch Welcome to The Tmp forms First of all steam cloud does not like 3 party plugins which is causing it not to sink You have 3 opinions you could try - make a second profile solely for single player so it doesn't mess with settings -have it automatically back up to Google cloud to do this you can go here -Make a copy of your profile when you log off every night I hope this helps and look forward for your response Kind regards Dylan.C
  5. you would get alot of secret roads in promods for example down the spanish quary there is a secret road you can go down
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  7. Im Currently in Eire Agri Haulage
  8. Some nice views in the black see dlc 




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  10. iv seen big convoys but most take place on an event server for obise resons but the biggest iv seen is on sim 3 with 150
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  15. Hello @AdatepeGaming to find out what is causing the game to crash post your game.log.txt to pastebin.com and we can have a look The file can be found at "C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\American truck Simulator" if you have it installed by default Regards Dylan.c
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