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  1. It depends for me ! Many players, like me, are in a voice channel on a Discord server, when they play ETS2 or ATS. But sometimes I listen Skyrock or TruckersFM.
  2. Thank you very much everyone !!


  3. Thank you very much guys for all your messages !


  4. Thank you very much guys !!

  5. My favourite team in France : AS Saint-Etienne My favourite team in England : Liverpool You'll never walk alone !
  6. Hello guys, I discovered ETS2 in 2012, since I was in a video games shop. I received this game on Christmas 2012 on disc !
  7. Hello guys, I use OBS to record, because my computer crashed when I used NVIDIA GeForce. Sometimes, I stream some convoys or events on my Youtube and Twitch channel.
  8. Hello guys, In my opinion, TruckersMP will stay, even if the creation of the new feature. First, TMP has now 7 years of experience, and it will be better to do some convoys in TMP !
  9. I think, that the best thing on TMP is the Island when you take the ferry in Kirkenes (Promods) ! Very amazing to be lost when you want to exit to the tunnel !
  10. Congratulations TruckersMP !! It was very amazing, and a lot of fun ! Silverstone race Circuit was perfect !! The best place for me !
  11. Hello guys, I bought and played GTA since the first lockdown, on March 2020. GTA Was free during a limited period. Sometimes, I stream my games on my Twitch channel, I play with 3 other people. It's very amazing ! However I'm lost when I want to play GTA RP !!
  12. According to me, I thought to the same situation as Scania Circuit in Promods, it can be an exception about the rules.
  13. Thank you @Inklink it’s a better place for this topic !
  14. Hello guys, I opened this topic to ask you a question. Since the opening of the TMP Freeroam Server (no road rules), the Silverstone Circuit is a success ! Do you think that this place can be in the game forever ? It will be a race circuit in Simulation servers ! Don't hesitate to give your opinion here ! Regards, NatYou345
  15. @[GökBörü] AbdullahBeyYes !! I'm laughing ! You believe that it's an alarm in home !!
  16. Hello everyone ! @Caramba2412Me too ! I love simulation games, and Bus Simulator games. I can't wait Bus Simulator 2021 release !
  17. I love your pictures @AspergerKid !! The first painting is very beautiful, and the third picture is on te bridge in the new Iberia DLC.
  18. Thank you for your post ! It will be very helpful for many players when you want to buy a especial truck !
  19. According to me, the most difficult part of this road is when you're reached the first tunnel and you will turn left in a bridge. It was very difficult with a trailer, and impossible with a double or a triple trailer !!
  20. First I played ETS2 in Singleplayer mode since 2012, and since 2018, I wanted to play with my brother in ETS2 (in Multiplayer), so I found TruckersMP and I created an account.
  21. I recorded with GeForce Experience, but since some days, when I launch the record, my PC crashes immediately. All the software and programs aren't running. That's why I'm using OBS Studio, and sometimes Streamlabs, but it's the same.
  22. C'est comme tu le souhaites !
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