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  1. ATS can be more big with more maps! I wish to have more DLC coming soon!
  2. Congrats for the new position!

    1. SpectralProphet


      Thank you, Iconsunny!

  3. Congrats for the new position!

  4. Good Morning Everyone! Hope you are doing well.

    ProMods is an amazing Custom Map Experience With TruckersMP

    Isn't it?



    1. AhirZaman


      Good morning! Yes it is. :wub:

    2. Glare


      Good morning!

    3. [BTR] iconsunny

      [BTR] iconsunny

      Thanks guys!

  5. Thanks for the follow, mate!

    1. Scanva Diesel A/S

      Scanva Diesel A/S

      You Are Welcome


  6. Good Morning everyone!

    Did you remember that event?



    1. Scanva Diesel A/S

      Scanva Diesel A/S

      Good Morning, Yes I Remember It was a very nice event.

  7. Thanks for following!

  8. Good Morning Everyone!

    Mercedes Benz is here! ❤️

    Do you like heavy cargo DLC?



  9. Thanks for the following!

  10. Peterbit one of my favorite truck in ATS
  11. It depends on my time & mood. If I have a plenty of time to play! I would like to go for at least 1000 KM job. For short distance job I usually take 300-500 KM job!
  12. Good Morning Everyone! 

    Look at my DAF XF! 😘

    Just to mention: picture was taken in Arcade server. We must follow the TruckersMP rules!



  13. Thanks for the follow!

  14. Thank you for following me! :)

  15. I like the Iceland a lot. Kirkenes is another hotspot for me.
  16. When you capture a photo, you can use photomode option from in-game where you can tweak and adjust colors, brightness, blur & many more.
  17. Everybody is saying, it will release on March! Let's see.
  18. Sorry can't pick one! Have to pick 2. Scania. Volvo.
  19. Sorry! Actually, not safe & easy to get out from Calais & entering Duisburg! All you need to avoid these 2 cities if you want not to stuck & ignore traffic jam.
  20. Difficult to answer that question! I like the all pack actually. Well, Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack & FH Tuning Pack is my best 2 choices.
  21. I feel the trees & grasses are very artificial and not have any effects when we drive through that. So, I would like to see more graphic updates in ETS2/ATS.
  22. Congratulations to you! 😊

    1. Polyxena


      THank you very much for the congratulation message and for your follow! 😊

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