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  1. in my opinion... it is the most interesting truck out there, not only because of it's feature with the mirrors.
  2. Thank you very much for the follow! 😄 

  3. one of my best shots I made back when I was in Pronto Logistics.


  4. thank you very much for the follow! 😄 


  5. I love the J-Spec trucks. One of my favorite trucks is my blue Mercedes:
  6. heya, usually I listened TFM, but since they started overplaying songs, I switched over to my spotify playlists. That means, mostly Dance, Country, EDM, some Rap & Hardstyle and Rock. To sum it up, I listen everything
  7. Thank you very much for the follow 😄 


    1. JamesS014


      No problem Niv

  8. one of my favorite locations in Iberia! 


    1. 12-SL-09 / Sunting

      12-SL-09 / Sunting

      Great photo! It seems I have to buy Iberia.

    2. .Pedro.
  9. Happy Sunday! I was on a ride with my Mercedes in Iceland and I had alot of fun!


  10. discovering the roads of Iberia withone of my favorite trucks!



    1. wesleyr99


      Boa Viagem 👋

  11. Monday ride with @Vicc. 🙃


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