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  1. Hello everyone! I just wanted to know, are there some places on promods you really love to see? For example hidden roads or some castles next to the roads… Let me know, what you love to see on promods. And if you like sth special on basic map, which isn't included to promods, please let me know as well. Captain Nivaro
  2. Yeah sure, I'd love to see a new truck as well, but I don't think that there will be a new truck in the future updates. We should already know, if a new truck would roll in to ets universe. But I'd love to see some reworked cities or highways. Most of them (Hungary, Belgium, Austria...) look the same and pretty boring.
  3. I really enjoyed the traffic jam tbh. Cause it was sth completely normal in real life to be in a jam, thats why I really enjoyed it to wait. Call me crazy, but it was nice
  4. to be honest, I love California, cause maybe I'll be there next year for a few months. I'd love to see Texas as well
  5. Hello everyone! I want to know your opinion about the following topic: As I am driving down the cd-route, there are many players coming up and I see, some of them just safe-edited their headlights to make them green, but the rest is having white headlights. In real life, many trucks are having xenon, LED or halogen headlights, means, they are bright blue, blue and yellow. I'd really love to select it in the future, but let me know your opinion. -Captain Nivaro-
  6. Surely, they aren't allowed to drive like this, but I can totally understand you. But not all skoda drivers are reckless tbh.
  7. school here, school there, school everywhere… and if I am driving in ets, I dont need to think about stuff I should learn or exams.
  8. I just wanted to know, am I the only one who still plays Asphalt 8? After the updates they released, the game got worse and worse, am I the only driver here? Please let me know that I am NOT alone
  9. ATS, ETS, City Car Driving, Darwin Project, GTA V, House Flipper, Tickets to ride, Asphalt 8
  10. thank you guys, I'll try out your advices and let you know if it has worked. Thank you
  11. Hello everyone, I am having an issue with discord and euro truck. As I am in a voice call in discord or if I want to join another call, and during this action I am playing ets, my whole sound system is crashing, means, I can't hear anything in discord or ets. Solution: restarting my computer helps. A little bit embarassing tbh, but it works. But, what I want to know, am I the only one having this issue or am I the only one? -Captain Nivaro-
  12. yeah, maybe some more Ai cars in sp.
  13. My favorite truck is the new Volvo. I like the interior, as well I like the design of this truck. I drawed this truck once, cause I lreally love this truck.
  14. yeah, I like it tbh. Compared to some other dlcs ist absolutely worth to buy it, but I'd wait until theres a sale
  15. well… tbh, I'd like to have the possibilty to have a dirty truck, if you are driving f.e. on backroads. Maybe there could be added some car/truck washes next to gas stations. I don't know much about trucks unfo, but what about to add some actions with adblue to the game.
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