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    News from the truck world, make new friends and find out what's happening at TruckersMP.
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    Freightliner Cascadia®
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  1. Thank you for following me! 😊

  2. 🇧🇷 O aniversário da ALLIANCE foi sensacional, não foi fácil chegar até aqui ao longo desses 7 anos, o futuro é tão incerto como foi o passado que vivemos, o nosso aniversário ficou eternizado em nossa memória, fique com este lindo vídeo feito por @ALLIANCE Ryan Gabriel.


    🇬🇧 ALLIANCE's anniversary was sensational, it was not easy to get here over these 7 years, the future is as uncertain as the past we live in, our anniversary has been immortalized in our memory, keep this beautiful video made by @ALLIANCE Ryan Gabriel.




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  7. The DLC I like the most is Scandinavia, followed by Italy and France.
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