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  1. Uhm?

    Can somebody explain this? 


    1. Forraz


      I have no idea how to explain it to you but it's a common thing I've seen around. Basically the truck hasn't loaded in for you due to reasons unkown for me. I've rammed into people like that where their name is the only thing I've seen but no truck. The trailer will be the only thing visible because I think it's the only code that has been recognized when you came into the game.


      Wonder what actually is happening for this to occure.

    2. jx_23


      other players saw the trailer like me. 

    3. Forraz


      Yeah then the player / truck hasn't loaded in yet due to Desyncing. It's been mentioned before where they say some can see others when other can't see them and then causing a lot of collisions as they will just pass through them like nothing and the ones being run through will just fly up and get a totalled truck.

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