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  1. Is the diesel or petrol car faster?

    1. caff!!!


      both are the same, I believe

    2. stilldre1976


      Think the diesel got a higher top end but the petrol sounds a lot better imo have had 140mph out of the petrol on the straight :lol:

  2. Do the wheels from the new trailer steer automatically or can you do it by yourself?

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    2. HardRed


      they do it automatically, thank god they do lol

    3. DounatMonster
    4. Dr_Dog


      Makes really funny to reverse them.. They dont lock up when going backwards. You need to reverse arrow straight untill you are over the area, then fine tune the position by agressive 5th wheel angle

  3. Found your comment under a youtube video :P


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    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Oh,  lol. I just watched that a few minutes ago. XD

    3. DounatMonster


      Yeah haha

      Lucky passengers

    4. Mike Dragon
  4. The dlc is not supported because the trailers are different in the size compared to the normal trailers. It would be hard to replace them for other players. Because of that its disabled.
  5. Any way to get the -nointro back to work?

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    2. DounatMonster


      Ok didnt thought it was that easy

    3. El1teZombiezHD


      @SharpOB Please explain in more detail your issues with the Launcher, the launcher works perfectly for me and most other users, so i dont see what is wrong with it

    4. SharpOB
  6. You have to take the : NONE - Opt out of all beta programm. This way you will get the newest version and not like you selected a older version
  7. Did the trucks have gotten worse at pulling heavy loads or is the scania not so good for that and volvo or merc better?

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    2. DounatMonster


      I havent used 125ton mods in half a year

    3. RayRay5


      ohh, okay with 125t it is something different than with just 20 or 25 tons

    4. DounatMonster


      Yeah. It feels like 125tons got heavier. Might sound a bit stupid but it feels that way. Truck has a hard time at hills.

  8. I cant record any video ingame. In the ETS2MP launcher I can but then in ets2 it seems to be stuck in the launcher. Using Nvidia shadowplay. Any ideas?

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      Hmm.. weird. Last chance is google :mellow:

    3. DounatMonster


      Searched and many have this problem and they dont know how to fix it :/ 

  9. Ja geil... Hats automatisch runtergeladen und keine Zeit gehabt abzubrechen....
  10. Uhm?

    Can somebody explain this? 


    1. Forraz


      I have no idea how to explain it to you but it's a common thing I've seen around. Basically the truck hasn't loaded in for you due to reasons unkown for me. I've rammed into people like that where their name is the only thing I've seen but no truck. The trailer will be the only thing visible because I think it's the only code that has been recognized when you came into the game.


      Wonder what actually is happening for this to occure.

    2. DounatMonster


      other players saw the trailer like me. 

    3. Forraz


      Yeah then the player / truck hasn't loaded in yet due to Desyncing. It's been mentioned before where they say some can see others when other can't see them and then causing a lot of collisions as they will just pass through them like nothing and the ones being run through will just fly up and get a totalled truck.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. DounatMonster


      Mirrors are good in the game. It depends on your settings. I can see players 100m behind me ok....

      He is 100% at fault.

      He could have a heavy load and because of that slower if he pulled just from the gas station behind me.

      His u turn caused the crash. Not my speed


    3. antrax737


      People do mistakes, thats why u should be ready for it... or you just might be perfect... had enough, im out....

    4. DounatMonster


      He still did a U turn

  11. 2 Months until christmas :D

    Are there any things planned for ETS2 MP? ( except snow mod)

  12. What is the longest trailer in ATS?

    1. Forraz


      I think the Drill Machine Trailer might be one of the longest but you should also look at how heavy they are :)


      Otherwise you could always use Google.com  ;)

    2. Forraz


      And in ATS well. I have no idea. Check youtube, there are plenty of things

    3. Forraz
  13. Let the highbeams and fog lights and rear and reverse lights flash. No problem with indicators that way
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