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  1. Nearly no one would buy it then. Only the true fans who happen to think of it. ETS2 is a cheap game as it is.
  2. I honestly think that they added sim 3 is a better idea. Calais-duisburg is as full as it is, more slots in sim 1 will just result in more trucks there meaning a big traffic jam extending from france into germany. While now they tried to spread it out with the new server.
  3. My favorite cities are Rotterdam because i live close to there and Sassari, cause its in such a nice setting and its rare to find other players there.
  4. Sometimes i have this too when someone has been creeping behind me for a while, certainly when i drive at the speed limit. I tend to go for a "refeul" stop as soon as i can and go again when that one is out of my "players near you" list.
  5. If calais - duisburg would be removed id imagine itd make things harder for the mods. Since 90% of the issues happen on a specific and well known area. Removing the road may scatter the issues over a vastly larger area making the mods' (read: police) work harder.
  6. Not the most funny but certainly worth mentioning. I was driving with a friend on a 2 lane highway doing a constant 84km/h (Limit +4) and 2 others were apparently racing eachother and very quickly approached from behind. The one who was on my lane swerved sideways in the lane of his "opponent" and wiped himself and the other guy out well behind me flipping and toppling sideways.
  7. When people keep coming alongside and threatening to cause an accident hoping to lure me into a mistake and then saying "rec <id>" now i make countervids in such cases but it is really annoying. Oh also usually drivers in cars who decide to play police and overtake and then brake test me at like 84km/h
  8. After quite a bit of fiddling around and searching for the right files, i got it to work and messed with my odometer. I havent seen no police yet to tell me i cant in ETS hehe. Thanks for the explanations though.
  9. Is it possible to via save editing or another method to adjust how much kilometers your truck has driven either to simulate having bought a used truck or to have the truck odometer be the same as say trucksbook?
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