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  1. Exactly, probably about 75% of players on ETS are playing on keyboard, and what is simulation about if you just clicking 4 buttons over and over again.. I bought a racing wheel especially for ETS and also oculus rift for true simulation but still, I prefer to drive more than 99 km/h because I have to use my shifter more times and I have to control my truck more than in 90 kmph limit with a hole in my floor made by holding my gas pedal as much as I can for X hours. Also watching people crashing is fun as well, players talking with each other as well, horning at each other and other stuff and in my opinion, thats what are games for, good community and FUN and if you crash and you dont have saved game near to the accident you just need to take care of it, not trying to dont crash for full ''carrer''.. Im not saying that I have to crash to everybody I see, but is you make bad decissions and dont think about what you are actually doing you have to pay for it. Thats what is ETS about, otherwise just driving a truck for many hours wouldn't be so good game for most people as it is.
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