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  1. there are many things to do while waiting for newer versions by the following 1.play with friends 2.grind on jobs for money 3.free roam 4.join a convoy etc.....
  2. Hello there forum seekers, i never had a clue how to put LED Lights on my windshield. i have saw a lot of people with LED lights on their truck's windshield and the back of the truck if anyone could help me do it, i would be so happy
  3. I wonder if i can put on custom led lights mod without getting banned as im not sure if its allowed or not And i would need help how to install them as well if they are allowed
  4. thanks you soo much, i didnt get banned so thats ok
  5. idk if its safe to use graphics mods in truckersmp, example SweetFX
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