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  1. Dirt road in Latvia 🇱🇻


    1. WNxArcticwolf


      Nice photo i love dirt roads too with force feedback on.

  2. Tried it once, and I love it so far. You don't have to exit the game or load a save, which is nice if you're a ProMods player like I am, because now you don't have to wait and hope you didn't get kicked from the server.
  3. Thanks for the follow! :bigfan:

  4. I've gotten about 155K miles (roughly 250K KM) on my Daf XF105 that I've been driving since April. I'm more a fan of older trucks (besides the older Scanias, I think they look weird). If I had to choose a 2nd favorite it would probably be the Volvo FH Classic or the Mercedes old Actros.
  5. I usually do 110 KM/H on highways for a couple reasons. First, my VTC does race miles on TrucksBook, which is if you do a job and you go over 100KM/H at some point. Second, I drive on Promods, and I am usually away from where most people are. Now on some roads like the C-D road I go whatever the flow of traffic is, because I don't like overtaking on that road. Kirkenes I usually go a max of 60 KM/H because of all the sharp bends, as well as the hills. Most other backroads though I'll do 90-110 KM/H, depending on how heavy my load is and how bendy the road is.
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