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  1. [VNS-CEO] Ng. Phung Hung Released

    I have a question same other member: What's area can't be driving with double trailer? Can you make map with restricted areas where Truck Driver's can't drive with Double Trailers.
  2. [VNS-CEO] Ng. Phung Hung

    Wrong version from API?

    Oh, that mean you set set manually version and store in DB? Previously, I still get version information via API normally, but today it doesn't change
  3. [VNS-CEO] Ng. Phung Hung

    Wrong version from API?

    In some projects, I see they still update the correct version number. I don't know that they manual updated or update from other source of Truckersmp. I have a small project and want to check version of TruckersMP but....
  4. [VNS-CEO] Ng. Phung Hung

    Wrong version from API?

    Hello. Current version supported by TruckersMP is, but now I check version from API still Why it? API: https://api.truckersmp.com/v2/version
  5. [VNS-CEO] Ng. Phung Hung

    Do you report a player if he apologizes?

    I like your topic. I have the same opinion with you. If have anyone said "sorry", (as a player) I will ignore their mistakes and don't report them - maybe it was unwittingly accident. If they deliberately harassed, I will not ignore it. Everybody will have a mistake, nobody is perfect.
  6. [VNS-CEO] Ng. Phung Hung

    We're sorry - And we ask your opinion on /fix

    I think it should be have. But anyone deliberately violated, must be heavy punishment.
  7. [VNS-CEO] Ng. Phung Hung

    Your opinions on In-game Reports?

    I agree that there are too many reports in-game for Admin to handle. But there are stubborn players block road or use tool hack ramming very much other players. We don't have way to pass them. I thinks with players have very much reports in-game simultaneous, you must prioritize to handling.
  8. [VNS-CEO] Ng. Phung Hung

    Top Visited Country

    With me, they're: France Belgium German
  9. [VNS-CEO] Ng. Phung Hung

    Announcement on the No Damage Mod & Hacking - And a new solution

    I think TruckersMP should be allow use No damage mod, but MUST BE have heavy punishment for anyone abuse it for disruptive, ex ban 1-3 months.
  10. [VNS-CEO] Ng. Phung Hung

    ETS2 Crashes

    I think you can try: 1. Move folder Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\ to any where (maybe Desktop) => Open game again, create new profile and login. If still error: 2. Delete folder Documents\ETS2MP => Open game again and login. If still error: 3. Reinstall TruckersMP with Administrator permission. Additional: Plsase install full software for game as .Net Framework, VC++, DirectX... full version. It will always be helpful to you.
  11. [VNS-CEO] Ng. Phung Hung

    Do you guys record your drivings?

    I'm always livestream my trip. Besides that, shadowplay help me record any accident by Instant replay function. With 2 mins at Full HD 60p, I always have proof for any idiots
  12. What happen with this mod? It's only support ETS2 v1.28.x
  13. [VNS-CEO] Ng. Phung Hung

    Opinions on hacking/hackers and their punishments

    More and more people abuse the hacking tools. Hack everywhere, everytime. We need a healthy gaming community and we need to eliminate the troublemakers. Yesterday, I met an idiot, he used hacking tools and ramming with many players. In 30 minutes, there's no admin to handle this issue. Many people have complained but did not have any response of the Admin. I think he MUST BE banned FOREVER.
  14. Thanks Forerunner for new mod. That's good.
  15. [VNS-CEO] Ng. Phung Hung

    Custom ETS Telemetry & other api [+video]

    It seems that everything is over