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  1. Yes. I have got a good answer for my question. Thanks for your attention
  2. Allright. Thanks anyway Thanks a lot for explaining so clearly and detailed to me.
  3. Thanks for reply. but Its an in-game word I suppose. i am totally confused
  4. As I was driving at 50kph which fits the speed limit there, A driver behind me said I was trolling and report me . What does TROLL mean? Anyone can tell me?thanks.
  5. No matter at what number the speed limit is set,there will always be drivers who do not obey road rules and cause trouble to other players.The speed limit is only to lower down accident rate for , I think ,a tiny little bit. Real cautious drivers will slow down at wihere they need and drive safely when reckless drivers turn at 110kph and hit someone else.
  6. I think that speed limit for trucks in simulation server should decrease to 90kph XD
  7. My suggestion is that use quick save from time to time as an insurance.Of course, driving like that will get banned eventually In my opinion that for now ,multiplayer is no place for earning money, you can earn much enough money at single player.Its just if you ran into a situaion like this, its a waste of time and destruction of good mood.
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