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  1. I´ve seeing a comment asking for russia map, hahaha, be thankful that they are going to include promods.
  2. All free DLC´S, I don´t play enought to buy any DLC, I only have 20 hours played on this game.
  3. My friend, that´s a really good question!!! HAHAHA
  4. Bilbao-Soria, all the spaniards are not going to leave the Spain territory
  5. My question is, why it had to be an Skoda??? hahaha
  6. I really recommend Italy DLC, and now for Promods when it arrives to TruckersMP will look amazing, completely worth it.
  7. Alguien en tu casa debe estar usando mucho el internet para que el juego te vaya a lagazos. Pero es muy raro.
  8. Thank You for the information, but i don´t think that is the right topic for this forum.
  9. No, solo puedes llevar las ruedas del Scout.
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