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  1. @ZefojGaming I troubleshooted the issue and corrected it - thanks for your help. It seems a file was bugged or something wasn't syncing with the server correctly - I did a full install of both the game and the Launcher and everything works as normal now.
  2. @ZefojGaming I checked that file and it was already set to "0" - any other option you can think of?
  3. Sorry, but there are too many people commenting on this thread that are giving various answers - I know there is a speed limiter setting IN the game settings, and there is a Speed Limiter setting in the Truckers MP Mod settings. I have already tried the in game one and that one keeps defaulting back on after I have selected it. For the Truckers MP mod, does it need to be checked or un-checked to turn off the speed limiting and allow the 110 kph? Thank you,
  4. I tried that - it defaulted back to Speed Limiter checked after I unchecked it and I left the menu - I realized from some in game help that its a "World of Trucks" thing because my account is linked? If you take a WOT haul that it limits you to 90? But I also tried non-WOT hauls and it still kept me at 90 - so.... ehhh minor annoyance for the time being - just trying to figure out the small things.
  5. I observed at the login screen (Server select) that the speed limit was set to 90 for ETS2 servers. I recently (a couple weeks prior) saw it at 110. When I logged in and was driving, obviously I maxed out at 90, no load, no trailer, with trailer, with load, any possible combo. While doing a couple drives (no load) I was maxed at 90, while another handful of trucks passed me up, clearly not doing 90, but most likely 110. My connection (network) is just fine, I run a high end PC, no video lag, game lag, etc. So that's not the issue. Does this server impose Speed restrictions
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