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  1. @Savage. Now i got the other problem, that my OBS cant capture my game right, when i use opengl on ets on DX11 the capturing is working fine ^^
  2. Hey @Savage. Thanks for your very fast help. +rep for this OpenGL works fine now, but i hope there is going to be a fix to use DirectX again, cause this problem i never had before. Regards Jason
  3. Dear truckers. It happens every time, that my game stops working, when i tab out and back in or if im changing my graphic settings. The game doesnt crash, but the game is turning to black screen. This only happens on truckersmp. On the singleplayer everything is working fine. Any fix or update?
  4. Ich hätte durchaus Interesse. Ich habe allerdings ein wenig in meiner Punishment History stehen, allerdings sind diese Dinge auch schon ca. 3 Jahre alt.
  5. Happy new year to you too :) 

  6. Hey truckers Do you know, if theres a way to change the interval of autosaving on ets2mp? I already took a look on the document files. I havent found anything. I would appreciate any help =) Regards Jason
  7. Will there be an MP Update for the schwarzmuller dlc? >.<

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. lachiu


      The dlc was free lol :D

    3. CalmError


      not for everyone :P after a time the package of free dlcs was empty so others needed to buy the dlc ;) 

    4. lachiu


      I was fast enough to take one of the 30k keys :D 

  8. Leaving big lovely greetings on your wall and wish you the best as 1st Community Manager <3

  9. ok... now it works. i had to downgrade it to 1.18.3 steam release
  10. I already reinstalled both but it still doesnt work <.<
  11. Hello. If i try to start the Ets 2 MP i get 2 different errors. The Singleplayer works great, i checked ets2 for local cache errors but found nothing and i already re-installed the multiplayer. In the files you see the 2 screenshots i made of the errors when i tried to start ets 2 mp. Greetings Jason
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