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  1. Hey i'm having the exact same issues...ETS 2 worked fine until i bought and installed all of the dlc's now ETS 2 wont run at all and even does the same thing with a new profile... happy days ....back to twitch it is and watch others playing it lmao how sad!
  2. So i cleaned my pc , removed windows 10 32bit and installed windows 7 64bit everything was working fine i was trucking along on SP and MP , Then the steam sale happened i bought all of the dlc's available on Thursday 24th now ETS 2 SP + MP wont work. iv tried removing ETS 2 and reinstalled it same with the MP mod. I can login to MP but when it is in loading screen it wont fully load up (the wee bar) then it crashes. So i tried to create a new profile and it does the exact same thing in SP+MP so now ETS 2 wont run at all.....at this point im about to give up on it as everything i try nothing se
  3. So i need to upgrade again!! thats gonna be a pain in the ass....thanks for the info
  4. The title more or less says it all...i can play ETS 2 in SP however when i try and launch MP windows tells me "This app cant run on your pc" ....before i upgraded to windows 10 MP worked fine on windows 8 32bit......Any ideas!!
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