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  1. Thank you for the follow!

  2. Thank you for the follow!

  3. Thank you for the follow!

    1. Coolio85


      Thanks for the follow as well ❤️

  4. Thank you for the follow @-FURK4N-!

    1. FY96


      Your welcome ?

  5. Thank you for the follow!

    1. Expectancy


      You're Welcome 

  6. Thank you for the follow @Santi.!

  7. Thank you for the follow @Snowy20

    1. Snowy20.


      No problem, Thanks for following back ?

  8. Great Convoy this evening with Harmony Convoys, for their October 2020 Convoy for Breast Cancer Awareness Month ?spacer.png

    1. OmSaL


      Great! ❤️ 

    2. Nightmaree.
    3. Guest


      Nice one mate ❤️ 

  9. Thank you for the follow @TheYeeter

  10. Thank you for the follow @Bolts

    1. Bolts


      No problem! Thank you too ?

  11. I know it’s only the start of the day but thank you everyone already for all the birthday wishes, this is honestly the best community of people! ?

  12. Nice to see @TeamAudi_3601_EM join me on the trip from St. Petersburg to Bordeaux, joined me in Duisburg and it was a fun drive took a whole 3 and a half hours though, 3500km journey!


  13. First Drive with @JamesS014@Phon down the C-D Road and meeting up with a couple more towards the end.



  14. I finally have my reactions back and still getting pinged lol

  15. When you run out of reactions to give in one day, so many thank you messages mean so much!

  16. Thank you everyone for all the thank you's and all the pings in discord and here have made me cry lol ?

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