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  1. Thank you for following me :wub:

  2. Hello, yes the answers have helped me. Thanks to @Nigthwish and @DieseL. for the answers.
  3. Hello, this report (for hacking): was rejected about a week ago. With the reason: "As your video showed that he was lagging and he was driving on his own lane so the players may not load for him therefore i won't take actions this time." So how do you distinguish if a player is hacking or not? Because I can't see what a player sees on his screen and whether the vehicles were not loaded for him.
  4. Congratulations! ??

    1. Smacky.


      Thank you - I really appreciate it!!

  5. Congratulations! ??

  6. Congratulations! ?

  7. Thanks for the follow! ?

  8. Hey Raphael, thank you for the follow! ?

  9. Why do you want the speed limit on the simulation server to be higher?

    The server is called "simulation" server. For faster driving there is the Arcade Server, why don't you play there.
    It is called Euro Truck "Simulator" 2 and not Euro Truck "Racing" 2

  10. Hast du die Treiber für das Lenkrad installiert, falls es sie gibt? Falls du das Lenkrad noch keine zwei Wochen hast, sende es zurück. Kauf dir lieber Logitech Driving Force GT oder Logitech G27 gebraucht. Auch wenn es Gebraucht ist, sind die beiden Lenkräder viel besser. Da die Lenkräder 900° statt 180° haben. Aber falls eBay Kleinanzeigen und über PayPal nur über Produkte und Diesliestungen, da hast du Käuferschutz.
  11. Suggestion Name: The time should also be displayed in /pinfo and report windows (TAB) Suggestion Description: Also display the time with the /pinfo command in the chat without entering the /time command. And time in the report window (TAB) Any example images: Why should it be added?: Less writing for evidences (Website Reports)
  12. Suggestion Name: Report player in chat Suggestion Description: Report players in the chat using the /report command, as it used to be possible in the past. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: Because it is very difficult to report a player in the TAB window in crowded areas. Why can't we have the option in the chat additionally?
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