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  1. Hi, @Sneezy and @Owen., Thanks for your inputs. Replying to you after finding out the solution and playing ETS2 for an hour now. couldnt anxiously wait more. Though after a lot of digging found this article. I hope this helps anyone who might hv encountered the same prob. Cheers n happy trucking! (Turns out in regedit, 'Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TruckersMP', the path is not the same as that of actual steam path from local files, this had happened as I had made a system clone backup for my windows and that had resetted the directory path)
  2. Since the moment truckersmp released their support for ETS2 1.37, I have been wanting to play but evrytime I open truckersmp I get the dialogue box saying "Expected version, You are having" (Of which screenshots have been attached below). Now I have checked my Steam account and ETS2 profile screen and I am running, by selecting opt out of all beta programs in the preferences. Can anyone provide some help on this issue? ETS aint fun without multiplayer for me!
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