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  1. Thank you for your attention! ❤️

  2. When the day is rain, it's hard to control my car. But I still have 40% chance to rain. Have a nice day! *King Logstics* CJ Top
  3. I think green hands is be more, trolls is very hard to see for me. I always drive my car on the CD road, it has less people who drives their cars to play tricks on you. (I don't know your condition what is like, but that's my all.) If you drive car on less people, it also very nice. Have a nice day! *King Logistics* CJ Top
  4. I like SCANIA, it has V8 engin with 730hp and looks very cool. Most of trucks in my garages are SCANIA. I'm a fan of it. Have a nice day! *King Logistics* CJ Top
  5. Early in the morning and night, the view is very beauty. Have a nice day! *King Logistics* CJ Top
  6. Well, I hope this truck have more modification parts. I'm crazy in Holland style refit, it's very cool! Have a nice day! *King Logistics* CJ Top
  7. Thanks for the follow! ?


  8. SCANIA S 650, I have drove it about 140000km so far. I really like SCANIA! Have a nice day! CJ Top *King Logistics*
  9. I think Cities in Norway is best. (Because of the beautifu view)? Have a nice day! CJ Top *King Logistics*
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