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  1. Suggestion Name: New "checkbox" in the profile settings to show or not show the Steam Account to other users Suggestion Description: The same as with Discord. In the profile settings you can set whether others should see the linked steam account or only moderators should see it. Any example images: / Why should it be added: For a little more privacy
  2. Note: My English is not the best, so I apologize for any mistakes. Suggestion Name: New Special Transport Server Suggestion Description: A new Special Transport Server. You can't enter it normally (via the server selection menu) but you only enter it when you accept a Special Transport order. I know, it may be that people will not use it at all. But if someone accepts such a job, they can start it. But this server should not have a collision. Any example images: / Why should it be added: To make a Special Transport Convoy with other players or simply to complete such a mission online. This is just my or an idea, if it is rejected or something because of this or that, it's ok. Best Regards, q07
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