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  1. The map is good and there are many trails from end to end
  2. Waktunya balik lagi ke forum nich v:

    1. [MPI] Muhammad Nizar F

      [MPI] Muhammad Nizar F

      Maap baru bales :v 

      kemarin ada acara di Malang 

  3. Thanks for the information, and this color worked when I tried it
  4. Thanks for you follow 

    1. Factz


      thanks for following me too ❤️ 

  5. Depending on whether there are signs or not, if there are no signs, I prioritize who reaches the intersection first to allow the way
  6. Of course I chose a heavy truck with an engine under 600HP, because I adapted to the truck here and the engine. Imagine a truck engine with only 460HP on a MAN TGS truck that can carry a 100Ton Big Transformer load
  7. I think this is pretty good, because in real traffic the truck/car lights are a bit dim at night
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