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  1. Buses in the game? It would be great! I can't imagine all the potential that could be developed from this idea, maybe I can start a new branch in the transport companies ... Excellent!
  2. Excelents news! Ty for your work team!
  3. Is seriously? USE YOUR EYES read the information and then give your opinion. It was already made very clear that it would take at least two more weeks, so your answer does not make sense. The update will be when it should be and not before. Pressing through the forum will not make things go any faster.
  4. I like this opinion. The MAN seems to me a truck unfairly treated by the game, it should have its own pack and a greater number of customization options. And if what I love the most is its huge windshield ... it allows you to fully appreciate the landscape. Gretings.
  5. We all know of the effort TMP developers made to update updates with version 1.37. Now the question is: Will it take less time with this update 1.38? I hope so, but since this depends on many things, some official statement from the developers would be interesting. Regards! ***Note: sorry for my bad english, i use transalation.***
  6. And now where are the complainers? I'm sure they won't even show up to say "Thank you"
  7. I'm not a magician, but I expected something like that ...
  8. Problem solved. Reinstall TMP and restart modem router solved this. Very Thanks! Grettings guys!. ***Sorry for my bad english, i speak spanish ****
  9. I am trying to enter the game, but when you get to the servers window none of them is shown. What is causing this problem? Regards.
  10. This one shows everything... https://truckersmp.com/blog/209
  11. Really? I wonder then why your comment is in full view. Illustrate me please, I need to understand your illogical reasoning urgently ...
  12. "“I WAS PATIENT 30 DAYS. NOW IS 31 DAY WITHOUT UPDATE ON TMP”. Excuse me, but it seems to me that you are demanding something after paying for it. I understand that you purchased the game. Right, you have the game. But you haven't paid for the TMP. As far as I can see, TRUCKERS MP is completely free, they are a group of people who strive to make a pleasant and diverse online environment for everyone. Therefore, it is solely up to you whether or not to use this equipment. If this is so, what are you demanding in such an aggressive way? Be patient, things will be when they should be.
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