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  1. Thanks everyone for the insane support! Started 4 days ago with streaming on Twitch. We achieved 59 followers already ❤️ loveu

  2. Mastahx

    New to Discord?

    Thanks buddy for all of this, really helpfull.
  3. Hey people, I'm having since lile the beginning of my career, if I ALT Tab while playing ETS ( Doesn't matter SP or MP), that sometimes my game just closes. This is really annoying 'cus I'm streaming on Twitch most of the time. Any of you got any ideas what I could try? It also bugs my logger always, so I drive for nothing haha. Thanks buddies. -Mastahx
  4. I relly don't exceed 80 KM/H, don't like it to drive faster then that. If I wanna feel like racing, I won't be playing ETS tho.
  5. I started driving with some friends, and we got a VTC now running, makes it way more fun. And challenging.
  6. I did play Promods most of the time on the MP, but since like a few days I started playing on Simulation 1, because I love the heavy crowded places.
  7. Thank you for following, Verbeek

  8. Thank you for the follow! :)

  9. Enjoyed my day on TMP, did 3000 KM. Looking forward seeing you around!

  10. Onwijs leuk gedaan dit! Ben blij dat ik deze community gejoined ben.
  11. Finally joined TruckersMP, looking forward meeting all of you on the road!

    1. Fezz98


      Welcome to TMP! Hope you enjoy your stay ❤️

    2. Mastahx


      I surelly will, thanks pal'

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