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  1. Happy Birthday! 🎉🥳

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  6. Here's the part 2 of my lag fix video:


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      Great video, I might need to follow through with this soon. 👍

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  7. How can i join, what dlc's do I require to join this convoy? Whats the server?
  8. Watch my latest video: :D


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  9. Thanks to everyone, for their timely response, I appreciate it, I now understand that I have to play TMP during 4 to 9 pm BST. Thanks again!! (and if you're till reading please do subscribe my channel) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClj8240ZPX29IEtWK7zurLg/featured?view_as=subscriber
  10. What happend to you bro? Why did you leave? You were the best :( :(

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  12. Thank you very much Harsha, this did help me, and add me on steam, you can find the link by going to my profile
  13. Hello all! I have been playing Multiplayer for a while now, I reset my pc because of some problems, I tried to install truckersmp again and now when I try to select the directory of ETS2, I am not able to see the .exe file on win64 folder, I have trucksbook client, while the installation of trucksbook, it created a plugins folder in both the 32 and 64 bit folders, but I am unable to see the exe file, I have installed Steam in D Drive and I have selected the right directory, I even tried to uninstall trucksbook and then see if this works, but it doesn't, whenever I go to the win64 folder (THROU
  14. By busiest I mean the server where most people play, I raised a ticket and the TruckerMP staff says that EU2 has been renamed as Simulator-1 but not many people play on my server, can you tell me at what time should I play this game at, so that I can enjoy it with more people?
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