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  1. Hello TMP support staff, so far I have not traced the issue. I suspect that I will have to do a full re-install of both EVE and TMP to rule out any problems that way, if they persist, then I will ask around, if I get an answer then I will update this somehow. Untill then, safe travels virtually and IRL
  2. Hello Drivers, I am hoping to find a solution to what is a strange issue. When I load up my EVE client (EVE Online) it also loads up the TMP client. I can exit out of each and they will run normally. I know that this is NOT a direct issue with TMP, however I would like to know if anyone else had come across this strange bug. Just to be clear, this happens ONLY when I start the EVE client, not the TMP one. I will be posting the same question in EVE as well to see if anyone else has had this issue. This has been doing this for 3 days now, just not had time to have a look into it. Events: Open EVE from desktop Output: Both the EVE and TMP client open up. Open TMP from desktop, no issues. Thanks in advance for any help/ideas that maybe the cause of this.
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