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  1. Good Work on this! A really nice feature. But I do have some problems. I can only see myself and the occasional random trucks that someone else is sending out on the http://ets2map.com/, no other trucks that is near me. And I rarely get the live stat feature to work aswell, the one you can see speed,rpm,fuel etc. My biggest problem is that I can't see any other trucks near me and my dot disappears from time to time even though the map is still following me, but I know that is a known problem, I don't really know why I'm not able to see any trucks near me though. I have done everything I can think off at this point. Another issue for me is that when I look at the http://ets2map.com/after about 5-6 seconds all trucks disappear and I can only see myself and the trucks at Europoort and Rotterdam.(doesn't matter if I use Chrome or IE, trucks still disappear after some seconds) Keep up the good work! Edit: correcting typos.
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