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  1. This is an issue that occurs quite a lot if you get smashed into hard enough. You'll see this kind of physics glitch featured routinely in "Idiots on the road" youtube series'. As @Roenz says, as the physics are essentially volatile at this point, it's just a matter of luck whether or not it rectifies itself or not. The best way to keep it at bay is to avoid those pesky walls!
  2. And now I've ruined it. @ScaniaFan89 raises a good point about the horns being returned to their original "pre-FMOD" state. I think most people welcome this change moving forward. From twitch streams, to forum posts, to discord messages, the message overall was clear; people do not want all their horns to sound the same. I don't even believe that SCS meant this in the first place, so perhaps it's part of the reason why the original horns are returning.
  3. I think 1.38 is a massive update in terms of efficiency for VTC's and TMP event staff for being able to totally tighten up their livery colours. Gone will be the days of having to laboriously go through singleplayer mods to get things to work correctly in MP. Massively looking forward to it.
  4. I think the main points have already been raised here, but overall the decision not to use an autosave is as a courtesy to other players. On the likes of C-D route, Ghost Mode offers very limited protection to players (as there is nowhere for a player to go due to the limited space and traffic). There are exceptions to this of course; such as making use of the hard shoulder before quitting the game, thus being well out of harms way when you enact the save in question.
  5. Hello! in order to use this kind of modification, you need to firstly apply the engine in singleplayer. Then you can leave the game and rejoin in MP. The mod will be disabled, but the engine will remain in the truck you applied the engine to. Hope this helps!
  6. I've never been one to follow gaming community social media platforms; in spite of me using my own name as my "gaming alias", I tend to separate my social media accounts from my gaming accounts (with the very niche exception of me linking accounts for login convenience, or simply proving that I have those accounts on a privacy firewall). That said, I understand why people do like to use social media platforms for following news, seeing screenshots or making their own contributions. Facebook has long been a platform that I have despised because of conduct of the majority of die-hard users, and for a long time the only reason for me having an account at all is to keep in touch with close friends. It's not surprising therefor that trolls find themselves ruling the roost when it comes to raiding pages and derailing the point of their existence. TruckersMP's community page being shut down is disappointing for us here, but it's just a statistic or what is a rapidly declining social media platform in terms of moderation standards not just internally within a given community, but even by those staffing it as a whole. To that end, while we will be sad for a while, it's important to keep in mind that we have a plethora of other platforms we can use, from discord that allows a greater API integration than any other social media platform, to the forum here, and most importantly, the game itself, where the heart of the community is. T'is but a minor bump as we progress folks. TMP is still a fantastic community to be part of.
  7. A massive congratulations to you on your promotion. Well deserved bump up from somebody who continuously has a positive impact on the community. :)

    1. Mr. Calvin

      Mr. Calvin

      Kind words from you! Thank you so much Paddy 😊❤️

  8. Hello. While it's certainly a situation that can evoke a degree of sympathy, it's understandable to also note that if this were an exonerating anecdote, it would be used by every single player who committed offences. The rules themselves also legislate for this very specific set of circumstances: With regards to the admin handling their own report — this becomes a moot point when your recollection of what occurred with you fiancé confirms that a violation of the rules has in fact occurred (regardless of the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the incident). I would also be very careful about comparing this to "Police Brutality" as you have done; moderating a game server incorrectly is in no way even remotely comparable to some scenes we have witnessed on media platforms of late; to suggest that it is strikes me as a rather shocking kick in the teeth to those who suffer from these episodes. If however, you feel that a Game Moderator has overstepped the mark in terms of procedure (ie, the legitimacy of a Game Moderator handling their own reports) then you can make use of the Feedback system to have it investigated. You can find that system here I think what's important to understand that every incident that occurs in TMP has an appropriate channel in which to pose these questions. The general discussions segment of the forum isn't the best place to air these concerns, as they typically end up being a convoluted ground of disgruntlement. I hope you find resolution to your dilemna.
  9. I have to say that I fervently disagree with the notion that using a "proof of attendance" sight (such as ETS2c) is boring, annoying or cumbersome in any way. ETS2C is a simple website that offers no level of confusion to users; it has been this way for as long as it has existed. Furthermore, it is a website that asks you to login through steam (as you require steam for TMP). The likelihood of players not knowing their credentials (and in most cases having them saved on their relevant browser) is slim to none. The alternative you are suggesting (taking a Picture or Screenshot) is not feasible for TMP, nor for anybody running an event of any significant scale. For one, a general idea of the amount of attendees is important to justify TMP authorizing the event taking place on a dedicated server. One of the crucial aspects that people forget is that hosting servers cost money. It has to be worthwhile for TMP to run it. Alas, the rough numbers have to be known in advance, otherwise the use of the event server cannot be justified. Even then, pictures do not give necessarily give a solid number for people attending convoys or events. They are an estimate, and typically used moreso for social media presence than a statistical tally. RLC is one such VTC that does this kind of exact science most routinely, and @Chillpadde would most likely be able to give us more insight into how things work when it comes to the final headcount they do for their weekly convoys. These statistics aren't posted immediately, as it takes time to sift through the final numbers. Most VTC leaders or event managers (either representing TMP or a VTC) will testify to that. In summary then, ETS2C is not a difficult system, nor does it cause confusion, and pictures are not a way to justify use of an event server.
  10. I bumped into a truck-fest of sorts at the Dealership in Pheonix, AZ






  11. Congratulations on your new role Emma! :)

    1. Emma.x


      Thanks! ❤️ 

  12. Hello! What you're describing is a VTC setup. Good news; there's lots of them. You can find out more about the VTC system by clicking here Happy trucking!
  13. A happy congratulations to you on your return to being a Game Moderator. See you out on the road I'm sure. :)

  14. GmuKzFu.png


    I should be absolutely clear that this has not been a comfortable topic for me to tackle publicly for a number of reasons, including my hesitancy when flagging a company as avoid at all cost, and certainly not least of all because there is a degree of embarrassment that comes from the simple fact that I should have known better and I should have looked into it more. While that may be true, and while it may well be the case that I am preaching to the converted in many cases, I feel obliged to make this status highlighting the importance of checking and double checking what you're getting yourself into when looking to invest in products — especially products which are niche in nature, such as SKRS Shifters.



    In order to understand what happened, it's important to first understand what I was looking for in the first place. Simply put, I wanted a shifter knob that was similar to the styling of an Eaton Fuller 18 Speed shifter (much like the one you can see in the banner above). I had seen the same kind of setup from Squirrel in this video and got myself very much set on that kind of product. Of course, that product was no longer available as CSIO was already well documented as unreliable or unresponsive, I instead followed the link within the youtube video. I placed an order, then found myself being a little confused by the lack of payment options, but rather the "promise to pay" situation. It didn't feel right, so I asked ALMAR about it on facebook, who promptly cancelled my order and asked me not to try to purchase from them again. If you are ALMAR, I didn't mean any offence.


    So! Frustrated and somewhat flustered and red-faced, I stumbled across Tech Affliction, which seemed to be legitimate enough, with a formal payment method, a facebook with videos, and a number of other platforms that it had posted on. It's maybe because of this trustworthy aesthetic, coupled with my previous disappointment that made me simply order a Mega Shifter (complete with the 18-speed medallion) and give them my money. At the same time, I bought my Logitech G920 and Shifter and sat like an excited little child waiting for a new toy.


    The steering wheel and shifter arrived, and I enjoyed it a lot at first. First couple of days just getting used to playing ATS/ETS2 without an Xbox Controller was surreal. Horray! Something different. Everything was great.


    Turning Point

    I think it was more through looking forward to the product arriving that got me digging a little further than genuine concern about the product arriving, but it was this excited curiosity that led me to realize that something was significantly wrong. From the simple act of clicking the Community tab on the Tech Affliction facebook page, I found some scathing reviews, from people asking where their products were, to people outright telling the company that they were escalating their claim to paypal, as it had been 4 months with no level of correspondence. Further searches led me to finding similar negative reviews on Steam and various other things. Suffice to say, I was no longer excited. I was a rather suffocating combination of worried and furious.


    The Remedy Process

    It became apparent that I should take action at this point, and so I did. I sent Tech Affliction an email, alerting them to my concerns. I also made a point of offering them a working week in which to respond to my email. As an extended courtesy, I also sent this message to their facebook, their reddit and their discord. I even tried to add them on steam so I could send the message there. My friend request was never accepted, nor was my messages acknowledged (nor read, where platforms allow me to be privy to that information). The order still remains "In a Build Queue" to this day, with no ETA being available whatsoever.


    And so, the issue has been escalated to paypal, with a number of screenshots outlining the issues. Now it's a waiting game to see what the outcome is, though from some research, I've found that a number of other victims have been successful in disputing their purchase against the company.


    Here are some key pictures from the ongoing paypal dispute. Note that ones with personal details (such as when I sent facebook messages, or ones that have my full address on them (take me to diner first ;))) have been removed:







    I don't make posts like this lightly, as it's not what I would consider to be a particularly comfortable topic, nor is it entertaining in any way. Furthermore, I consider it to be an egregious and rank discourtesy to "out" a company as being unreliable without it being absolutely necessary. I do not like getting into defamation of anyone or anything, I don't like having heated political debates, I don't like being in controversial scenarios. It just isn't how I get my kicks.


    However, it would be a moral offence not to alert other like-minded people of a potential consumer trap that they may stumble into, especially when a fair amount of the TMP community consists of young players, some of which will be using their parent or guardians credit card or paypal to make what is a hefty investment.


    To that end, I have to be absolutely clear:


    Do not make any purchase from Tech Affliction, as the purchase will not be processed and you will have to fight tooth and nail to get your money back.


    More broadly speaking, research what you're buying when it's a niche product. Look at the overall reputation of the company and look at recent reviews. You will be much more likely to get what you're paying for.


    I now have a Scania 12+2 shifter that I bought from DrivGear via Ebay. It functions exactly the same as the one advertised by Tech Affliction, and I couldn't be happier with it. Even then, if you're reading this weeks, months, or years after the post date, check how they are doing now. Things can change. As a consumer, you should take nothing for granted.


    Stay safe, and keep on trucking.

    - Paddy.

  15. As a Scottish person I cannot use the Summer mod as seeing weather other than rain might cause irreparable confusion.
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